Town of Thurston, New York


According to the 2010 census, there are 1,201 people residing in the Town of Thurston, down from 1309 reported in 2000. There are 476 households of which 360 are family households and 116 are non-family households. Non-family is described as a householder living along. Of the 116 non-family households, 36 are 65 years or older. There are 171 households with one or more people under 18 years of age and 96 households with one or more people 65 years or older.

The average household size is reported as 2.52 with the average family size being 2.86.

Thurston is very proud to be home to 924 Veterans of which 120 are civilian veterans.

The ancestry of the population of Thurston is quite varied with the most prevalent ethnicities as follows: American, 151; English, 176; German, 298; Irish, 243; Polish, 117; and Italian, 70.

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